Real change made possible by you.

Have you ever provided safe and affordable housing to a family in need? Offered friendship and support to someone suffering from mental illness? Or helped a child cope with the effects of bullying?

You have! When you support Northumberland United Way you support all these things and more. You enable 1 in 4 people in Northumberland County to access a United Way program or service because of your individual donation.

To ensure that your donation has the greatest impact, we are collecting data from our funded community partners every six months, to measure the impact and progress that you have made possible in our community.

Examples of real change made possible by you.

  • Julia’s outlook on school improved after receiving one-on-one mentoring
  • Lucas, a child whose family was struggling to cover basic needs, started the school year with a backpack full of school supplies
  • Joan, a young mother with 3 kids struggling to manage her finances, received the support she needed
  • Peter received support to get back on his feet after he was laid off and evicted from his apartment
  • Amina received free, confidential counselling to cope with her mental health issues

“I learned that it’s okay to be myself. It’s okay to stand out or be different.”



“There have been moments where I felt like nothing. These sessions have made me realize that I am more important that I think.”


Program Participant

“My tutor helped me learn to read and speak better. This gave me the confidence to go for an interview and get a job.”




Students were taught how to build self-esteem, recognize the signs of bullying and improve their coping skills (2016).


Individuals and families received counselling sessions to increase coping skills when dealing with life issues (2016).


Individuals were able to local housing programs, financial supports, literacy, low income energy programs and outreach (2016).


Students received a back pack full of school supplies through our Back Pack for Kids program (2016).


Was raised to support our annual Day of Caring that completes jobs for individuals and organizations where health or monetary restrictions prevent them from getting done. In 2016, 43 jobs were completed through the annual program.


Income tax returns were prepared for individuals bringing nearly 5 million dollars back into Northumberland County (2016).

2017/2018 Funded Community Partners

Northumberland United Way has a deep understanding of community needs and we allocate funding to achieve the greatest impact. Through our annual Community Campaign, United Way funds programs in three focus areas: helping kids to be all that they can be, building strong communities and moving people from poverty to possibility.


  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northumberland
  • Community Living West Northumberland
  • Cornerstone Family VIolence Prevention Centre
  • YMCA Northumberland


  • Green Wood Coalition
  • Northumberland Community Counselling Centre
  • WrapAround Northumberland


  • Habitat for Humanity Northumberland
  • The Help Centre
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