Your contribution to United Way doesn’t just give; it impacts, influences, and improves many lives in Northumberland.

Your gift comes in many forms. Through your donation, your support, your advocacy, and your understanding, you leave your mark. Without you, there would be no way.


Imprint (Monthly Giving)

Every fingerprint is unique and meant to leave and imprint no one else can.

Imprint is a monthly giving program that is funding solutions for kids, community, and poverty.

As a member, you create sustainability for the future of United Way’s local investments in health and social services.

Anne Burnham is proud to be a supporter of United Way and a member of Imprint. “Every year, I do a little bit to help; I learn a little more; I connect with the cause, the staff, other volunteers, and the result is that my community benefits. Twenty years later, my knowledge of the cause I support and relationship with United Way is still increasing. What I witness is an organization that keeps adapting to help as many people in as many social scenarios as it can.”

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Individual Giving

Making a personal gift.

A personal donation to United Way is a tangible demonstration of your commitment to the well-being and vitality of our community.

When you become a monthly donor you make a yearly commitment to creating sustainable solutions in Northumberland.
Call (905) 372-6955 or click here to become a monthly donor today.

Your donation to United Way is used to fund vital programs and services that are working to improve lives countywide.

Leading the Way Circle

Improving lives begins with your leadership.

To be a member you must make annual Leadership donations of a $1,200 or more annually. Leadership donations provide significant resources to improve lives in our community.

When you give at the leadership level of $1,200 or more, you’ll be recognized in our Leading the Way Circle. More than that, you’ll make an even bigger impact on the lives of many people across our city. Look at what your leadership gift can do:

  • 1200+ income tax returns completed keeping low income people attached to income sources
  • Teachers found that 100% of the children in the In School Mentoring program improved their social and problem solving skills
  • Five learners obtained gainful employment after receiving literacy and employable skills instruction
  • 50 families with high drug costs helped to access Trillium Drug Benefits
  • Youth and parents calling the Youth Crisis Response line can access a trained clinician almost immediately and be linked to ongoing services within 24 hours
  • Isolated seniors living on fixed income with no access to foot care clinics will receive in-home service at a minimal cost every six weeks
  • 233 women and children received counselling services for domestic violence, helping to keep them safe and build violence-free lives
  • 232 children improved their literacy skills and trained with assistive technology
Gifts of Stocks and Securities

Donating Securities to United Way—it’s fast, it’s easy, and both you and your community benefit.

Recent changes to the Federal Budget now state that you are no longer subject to capital gains tax when you donate publicly traded securities to qualified charities. You are also still entitled to receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities donated. As a result, donating securities to United Way Northumberland may produce a greater tax benefit than selling the shares first, and then donating the cash.

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How does it work

The securities must be transferred to United Way Northumberland and not be sold by the donor. The gift will not qualify for the reduced capital gains tax if the securities are sold and the cash then gifted. A charitable tax receipt is issued for the fair market value of the security on the date of transfer.

Here is a simplified example to illustrate the benefits. In the first option, you transfer the shares directly to United Way Northumberland. The second option involves selling the shares and then giving the cash to United Way Northumberland.
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4.09.14 PM

Tax Advantages

By donating your appreciated securities or mutual funds directly to United Way you can eliminate your capital gains tax bill.

Simple and Convenient

Securities are easy to transfer. Your broker transfers the shares from your account to United Way Northumberland brokerage account.


An opportunity to make a greater difference in your community.


Your gift will be honoured during your lifetime.

More information

If you are thinking about transferring assets that have appreciated in value, please seek expert advice from a tax specialist or your broker to ensure that your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed, and that your gift is tailored to your circumstances. If you would like to know more about making a gift to United Way, please contact Dianne Turk .

Thank you for helping United Way Northumberland improve lives locally.

Corporate Support

Join other people, including other business and organizational leaders, that are helping to build a better future for individuals, families and neighbourhoods in our community. There are many ways to get involved:

Run a United Way workplace campaign
Running a United Way campaign in your workplace not only raises essential resources for our community, it helps build strong teams, boosts morale, and unites employees in an inspirational cause.

Give a corporate gift
Help build a strong and thriving environment in which to attract business and recruit and retain top talent. Instill employee pride in your organization by demonstrating your commitment to our community.

Make a referral
Introduce us to other business leaders who may be interested in supporting United Way.

Become a United Way sponsor
There are several sponsorship opportunities available, including publications, events, and programs. Sponsorship helps keep our costs low while providing your organization with a unique opportunity for exposure.

Participate in a Day of Caring
This eye-opening experience gives employees from organizations in our community the opportunity to help out at a United Way funded agency for a day. There are also many other opportunities to volunteer at United Way.

Workplace Campaign

Running a United Way Campaign is an exciting way for companies and organizations to partner with us to support their community. Providing employees with meaningful opportunities to give back to the community at the level they feel comfortable is a benefit for any workplace culture. Your company’s partnership with United Way will lead to an increase in employee morale, build teamwork and enhance your corporate image as a community builder.

We make it easy to become involved with the United Way and can tailor a workplace campaign to your needs by providing:

Information and Engagement

A speaker can visit your workplace to share information surrounding workplace campaigns
and how the United Way helps in your community


An Employee Campaign Chair (the lead of a workplace campaign) can receive training
to run a workplace campaign effectively and efficiently. To learn more about
becoming an employee campaign chair contact us.


Posters, brochures and other campaign tools are provided to support and market your campaign.
Contact Mae Thompson, Marketing and Communications Associate for campaign materials.


You can use Memoriam or Tribute donations to mark a milestone or a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, to honour a speaker or presenter, or to honour someone’s memory with a gift. All donors receive a tax receipt (for donations more than $20) and a note of thanks for their generosity. As well, those being honoured with a tribute gift receive a card.

Planned Giving

With funding for social programs falling to the wayside, and governments no longer able to guarantee any support for some programs, society is at a turning point.

Current trends reveal a risk to social infrastructure. Ontario has cut its transfer payments to human service charities and it will take a substantial increase in charitable revenues to fill this gap. At the same time, human service needs are continuing to escalate and our system is being stretched to its limits.

Northumberland United Way is doing something very real. We have created a community-wide endowment fund called The Planned Giving Fund to ensure the organization can introduce new programs and continue funding current ones to serve future generations of our communities. The result will be a better quality of life for everyone, and the security that comes from knowing we can count on stability for future generations.

Start planning your gift today.