Help your community grow.

We all love the place we call home, but there are big issues here.

People live in poverty, struggling to make ends meet. Children and youth are in search of guidance while facing the challenges of growing up. Adults are out of work and in need of transportation, training, and mentorship that open doors to building sustainable futures. Seniors feel isolated and need help staying healthy and active.

A donation to United Way is felt countywide; no contribution is too small because every dollar goes towards improving lives locally.

United Way is a community partner and an organization taking strides to improve the quality of life in Northumberland County. In 2014, a fundraising achievement of $1,008,416 improved 22,000 lives. This number is staggering and gives hope to so many. This year, it is our commitment to increase this impact and we need your help to do it.

We believe if we work together, we can change the course of 24,000 lives by raising over one million dollars in 2015. In addition to reaching our goal, we now have an opportunity to raise awareness for the programs providing life-altering services and the number of individuals who are benefitting from them.

Raising funds is what we have set out to do but the dollars don’t speak for the 1 in 4 lives being improved. Join United Way as a funder, and you also become an educator, researcher, and partner for people who need our support.


Leading the way.

United Way’s Leading the Way Circle is a group of people dedicated to building a sustainable and prosperous community. Becoming a leader donor is demonstrated through an annual financial commitment of $1,200 or more.

United Way will acknowledge your Leading the Way gift to the campaign in the Annual Report.  Anonymous leaders do not appear in the publication. Become a leader donor today.